Mold Removal in Tucson: 4 Common Treatment Mistakes

Professional for Mold Removal in Tucson: 4 Common Treatment Mistakes

A lot of homeowners think mold removal can be a DIY process, only to discover that mold keeps coming back. Mold is fast-growing and hardy, making it difficult to remove without professional equipment, products, or treatment methods. For homes in Tucson, Green Home Solutions offers treatment within a matter of days. We know how important it is to effectively combat mold growth. 

Let’s review some of the most common problems with DIY treatments. 

4 Common Mistakes When Treating Mold On Your Own

When it comes to treating mold, you want to be precise and effective. The unfortunate truth is, addressing mold improperly can often lead to more costly remediation further down the line. With that in mind, here’s 4 common mistakes people make when faced with mold issues: 

  • Ignoring mold symptoms. Many homeowners in this area are under the impression that mold does not exist in desert climates. However, mold will grow in 24 to 48 hours when there is a water event, regardless of climate. Once the moisture is gone the spores are still present in the home. This mold can cause headaches, cough and generally not feeling well. You always want to treat this issue right away.
  • Painting over the problem. If paint is labeled as mold-resistant, you may think it’s enough to paint over mold growth. But paint won’t kill mold, it’ll only hide the issue for a short while. If there’s mold underneath, you’re likely to see the paint bubble, crack, or peel away in the long run. 
  • Removing mold first. While mold removal is crucial, it’s not the first step for effective mold treatment. It’s important to identify and address the underlying moisture problems contributing to mold. Without this critical first step, it’s easy for mold to appear again and again. 
  • Using high-toxicity products. A lot of homeowners tend to reach for the most dangerous ingredients when combating mold. You don’t want to grab bleach or ammonia when dealing with mold, especially when it’s growing on surfaces like drywall. These toxic products can present a risk to your health, and won’t address mold thoroughly. 

Schedule Expert Mold Removal in Tucson

At Green Home Solutions, we can find, contain, treat, and prevent mold in a matter of days. With fast-acting, affordable, and long-lasting mold removal, we can address issues for homes in: 

  • Tucson
  • Catalina Foothills
  • Oro Valley
  • Marana
  • Pima County
  • And the nearby areas

Get expert input from Green Home Solutions. If you need mold removal in Tucson, schedule a free consultation by calling (520) 639-6712 today.