Poor Indoor Air Quality in Catalina Foothills: What Causes It?

Indoor air quality in Catalina Foothills.

Due to poor airflow and the accumulation of various pollutants, the air inside your home can become much more polluted than the air outside. At Green Home Solutions, we offer a wide range of support to preserve the indoor air quality of your residence in Catalina Foothills. To get started, we’d like to share some information to help you understand how indoor air pollution develops. Let’s take a look at how your indoor air becomes contaminated. 

The Two Factors Causing Poor Indoor Air Quality

Our homes are closed environments that protect us from outdoor elements. While this helps keep pests away and protect us from cold outdoor air, it also leads to stagnation and the accumulation of harmful contaminants. Here are the two keys to understanding indoor air pollution:

  • Pollutants. Contaminants can occur in gas form due to household tasks such as cooking. They can also show up as fine particles from mold or cleaning supplies. Smoke and pet dander can cause indoor pollution as well.        
  • Airflow. Proper airflow is essential for a healthy home. Many indoor air quality issues stem from a lack of adequate ventilation. However, it’s important that the air entering your home from the outdoors is properly regulated for temperature and humidity. This will help ensure you are not introducing smoke and pollution from the outdoors. 

How Green Home Solutions in Catalina Foothills can Help

When your home does not get enough ventilation, harmful pollutants will accumulate. Thankfully, you can prevent this from happening with expert services from Green Home Solutions. We deliver proactive solutions to maintain healthy breathing conditions for you and your family. Our indoor air quality services are available throughout Catalina Foothills, Tucson, Oro Valley, Marana, Pima County, and the surrounding areas.

Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Air quality testing. Comprehensive testing from our experts is a great way to understand the full severity of any issues and get started on the right solution. 
  • Controlling mold, odors, and moisture. We have the professional remedies needed to remediate mold and control odor issues. Our team will restore proper ecological conditions for your home. 
  • Proper indoor ventilation. We can improve the circulation of healthy airflow while filtering out the air that has become contaminated.

Clean indoor air quality is essential for your Catalina Foothills home, and Green Home Solutions can help. Call us today at (520) 639-6712 to get started.