Mold Removal in Minneapolis: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Do you find that mold keeps returning to your home, no matter what you do? If so, it’s likely you’re taking the wrong steps for mold removal. At Green Home Solutions, we administer fast-acting, high-impact mold remediation for homes throughout Minneapolis. We know how crucial it is to treat mold quickly, thoroughly, and expertly. 

Here’s a few mistakes you may be making during the mold cleanup process. 

Four Common Mistakes When Treating Mold On Your Own

At Green Home Solutions, we always recommend professional testing and treatment when it comes to mold problems. It’s too easy to make mistakes during DIY treatments, allowing mold to spread further, causing surface and structural damage in the process, and presenting a risk to your health. 

Here’s four very common mistakes we see in DIY treatments: 

  • Using the wrong products. Many people will reach for household cleaners when attempting mold removal. Bleach, ammonia, and similar products are often the wrong choice to treat mold, particularly on textured and porous surfaces. Worse yet, some of these products may appear to remove mold while simply masking its presence.
  • Spreading mold during treatment. During mold detection and treatment processes, it’s very easy to help mold spread further, even if by accident. Handling mold areas can result in mold spores dispersing into other areas of the home. That’s why we rely on professional containment equipment, to effectively contain mold during removal. 
  • Cleaning only visible mold. A lot of homeowners will only clean mold areas that are visible. Unfortunately, mold can often be present without easily visible growth. Mold thrives in hard-to-reach areas and below surfaces. It can also grow in the air you breathe. For homes in Minneapolis, professional mold removal can help to clean any and all mold present. 
  • Ignoring mold sources. It’s not enough to find and treat existing mold problems. It’s also vital to determine why mold is occurring, so you can take steps to prevent it from returning. Without finding and abating mold sources, mold will have all the right conditions to continue reappearing in your home.  

Schedule Expert Mold Removal in Minneapolis 

Whether you know mold is present or you’re worried it may be growing in your home, Green Home Solutions can advise you on next steps. If you need mold removal, we’ll be there, no matter where you’re located: 

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