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Attic Mold Removal in Bridgewater Township: Causes of Attic Mold

  • Date: 08-2021

Attics are hotspots for mold and moisture. At Green Home Solutions, we administer all kinds of mold remediation, including attic mold removal. For homes in Bridgewater Township, we always encourage you to monitor your attic for water intrusion, surface warping or deterioration, or stagnant, stuffy air. All of these signs can indicate potential mold problems. 

Why is mold so common in the attic? Let’s take a look at three big reasons. 

Why Does Moisture and Mold Appear in the Attic?

Mold and moisture are issues which go hand-in-hand. If you have one, it’s very likely you have the other. Ventilation problems can aggravate water buildup and mold, too. It’s why attics are so frequently the site of both mold and water intrusion. 

When it comes to attic mold removal in Bridgewater Township, here are a few common problems we’ve discovered: 

  • Not enough ventilation. In both new and old homes, attics can suffer from a lack of sufficient ventilation. That’s especially true if new ducts have been installed without consideration for existing ventilation systems. An attic should feature one square foot of ventilation for every hundred square feet of space. Without this, you’re far more likely to find mold or moisture.   
  • Blocked ventilation. In a similar vein, ventilation systems in the attic may get blocked off over time. Sometimes, improperly installed insulation or the wrong type of insulation can obstruct airflow. Outside debris or pests may infiltrate ducts or vents. When this happens, the air in your attic will stagnate, and moisture won’t dry up properly, causing mold to take root. 
  • Leaks from the roof. Heavy snowfall, clogged rain gutters, and plenty of other issues can result in your roof springing a leak. You’ll want to make sure your rain gutters are cleared, and that your shingles aren’t worn down, buckling, or warping. In your attic, a leak typically looks like localized water buildup. Mold can follow within hours of water intrusion. 

Your Indoor Air Quality Experts at Green Home Solutions

If you’ve found evidence of mold or water intrusion, we strongly recommend professional intervention. While that’s always true—because professional equipment is crucial to controlling airflow and treating mold—it’s especially important in attics. These areas can feature pests, loose flooring, and other concerns.  

With Green Home Solutions, you can schedule attic mold removal in: 

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