Attic Mold Removal

Attic Mold Removal in Phillipsburg: Next Steps After a Mold Inspection

  • Date: 09-2021

If you suspect a mold problem in your attic, the first thing you’ll want to do is get it inspected. At Green Home Solutions, our attic mold removal team offers professional mold inspections for homes in the Phillipsburg area, offering a quick, convenient, and affordable way to diagnose mold problems in your attic.

After your inspection, we’ll compile a detailed report of our findings. Thanks to UV technology, we can pinpoint hidden mold and moisture problems. We also collect air and surface samples for lab testing, which indicates the species of mold and the concentration of airborne mold spores.

If our inspection finds mold within your attic, we can design an attic mold removal solution for your home in the Phillipsburg area. But before we move ahead with your mold removal treatment, there are a few steps you’ll want to take first.

Steps to Take Before Attic Mold Removal

Go Over Your Inspection Results. Most homeowners don’t know the difference between “aspergillus,” “chaetomium,” and “stachybotrys.” But that shouldn’t stop you from understanding the results of an attic mold inspection. Our team will walk you through our findings and explain the results in clear, accessible language. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid to ask! We’re more than happy to answer.

Check Your Insurance Policy. Homeowner’s insurance will sometimes cover mold remediation, depending on the type of infestation and the language in your policy. If you’re unsure whether or not you’re covered, review your policy and contact your insurance agent. Our team can provide you with the supporting documentation you’ll need for your insurance claim.

Fix the Underlying Problem. Mold cannot grow without access to moisture. If we find mold in your attic, that means your attic also has a moisture problem. Any active moisture problems will need to be fixed before we perform a mold remediation treatment. Otherwise, the moisture could lead to a new infestation! We’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to correct the moisture issue before your mold removal treatment.

Attic Mold Remediation in Phillipsburg

Green Home Solutions is locally owned and operated, and we take pride in protecting homes in Phillipsburg against mold. Our approach to attic mold remediation uses a green treatment product, which fights mold using plant enzymes. This product neutralizes both surface and subsurface mold colonies to eradicate mold, making it a popular choice with homeowners in Phillipsburg.

Our attic mold removal services are available in:

  • Phillipsburg
  • Bridgewater Township
  • Bernardsville
  • Flemington
  • Washington
  • Surrounding areas

Contact Green Home Solutions at (908) 455-0822 to request a mold inspection or a quote on attic mold removal for your home in Phillipsburg.