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Mold Remediation in West Hartford

At Green Home Solutions, we can administer comprehensive and lasting mold remediation in West Hartford in as little as 48 hours. Our mold removal and indoor air quality services are proactive and affordable for all types of buildings. We use scientifically tested and backed methods to investigate mold growth, look for contributing factors and extensively remediate your property.

When you choose Green Home Solutions, you get the benefit of our expert representatives, who are well-versed in standards from the EPA, OSHA, AORN, and other agency protocols. We can help to ensure that your property meets those standards as well. In addition to mold removal services, we offer odor removal, duct cleaning, indoor disinfection, and other air quality services. 

provider of mold remediation in West Hartford treating mold in home

We don’t just treat visible and hidden mold growth. We also address moisture issues which may be contributing to growth, too. With years of experience, we’ve successfully delivered mold remediation services to homes and offices alike in West Hartford, Bristol, Farmington, Hartford, Simsbury, Avon, and Southington.

Impactful Treatments From Green Home Solution For West Hartford Area Families

Air quality affects us all. In particular, poor indoor air can cause health concerns, impact mood, and affect our daily quality of life. At Green Home Solutions, we recognize how essential it is to deliver mold remediation that thoroughly treats and breaks down mold without contaminating the respiratory environment of your family in West Hartford. 

For mold and air quality services, we only use our own EPA-registered treatment sprays, which are scientifically tested to denature mold spores, fungi, bacteria, and other harmful microbes. The treatments we use are completely eco-friendly, and are gentle on your family and your indoor surfaces, too. 

Fast-Acting, Lasting Mold Remediation in West Hartford

With our mold remediation services, Green Home Solutions always prioritizes long-term strategies for addressing and preventing mold growth in West Hartford. We utilize rigorous inspection methods to determine how far mold has encroached on your home’s surfaces, and what type of moisture buildup has caused it. 

For most properties, we can limit or completely eliminate the need for teardown or renovation. Instead, we use our powerful treatment sprays and a rapid-response plan of action to quickly and effectively treat mold growth. With Green Home Solutions, it’s easy to address mold and other air quality issues around your home.

Don’t let mold issues cause any more stress. Find out about our affordable mold remediation in the West Hartford area by calling Green Home Solutions: (860) 418-7588

Indoor Air Quality Solutions: How Mold Affects Us

Mold is one word homeowners never want to hear. From nasal congestion to coughing to skin irritation, the effects of mold can be problematic, especially for young children, the elderly, and those with breathing concerns. At Green Home Solutions, we provide indoor air quality solutions that clean the air you breathe and make your home safe. For indoor air quality solutions, Green Home Solutions is the natural choice. Our mold removal, indoor air quality, and odor removal solutions create a healthy indoor air environment, so your family can breathe cleaner, purer air. We use only EPA registered products that are perfectly safe, when used as directed, for every member of your family including your pets. Learn more about our indoor air quality solutions.


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