Mold Removal in West Hartford: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Professional for Mold Removal in West Hartford: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

When it comes to removing mold, you always want professional input. Why? Mold grows fast, spreads fast, and can be very difficult to remove completely. Without the right methods, equipment, or information, it’s hard for homeowners needing mold removal in West Hartford to get long-term results.

That’s especially true when you’re trying to treat mold on your own. Let’s look at a few common mistakes that come with a DIY approach.

Four Common Mistakes When Treating Mold On Your Own

At Green Home Solutions, we treat indoor mold for homes and businesses throughout Hartford County. We understand how tempting it is to try cleaning up mold on your own, but we also know this process can be fraught with mistakes. Here’s a few common problems that occur: 

  • Thinking only black mold is a problem. “Black mold” can refer to many mold species, but people typically think of toxic black mold (also known as stachybotrys chartarum) when they talk about this kind of growth. It’s important to know that while this species of mold is a concern, other mold variants can present a risk to your home and your health.
  • Using the wrong cleaning methods. The wrong cleaning products or mold removal methods can sometimes contribute to mold growth and spread. It’s crucial to customize mold treatment based on the scope and location of mold problems. Without this process, mold can continue thriving below the surface, or can even spread to adjacent areas.
  • Thinking you can always see mold. Mold isn’t always visible to the human eye, and it doesn’t always grow on surfaces. Only targeting visible surface mold isn’t enough. For homes in West Hartford, we always recommend testing as a precursor to treatment, so you can understand how far mold has spread and what’s needed to address it. 
  • Leaving mold sources untouched. Mold and moisture problems are closely linked, and for good reason. Mold only appears when it has enough water sources to live on. Treating and removing those water sources is part of long-term mold prevention. At Green Home Solutions, we can offer expert input on effective, lasting mold control. 

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