professional performing attic mold removal in Red Lion

Attic Mold Removal in Red Lion: Why Do You Need It? 

  • Date: 09-2021

If you never visit your attic, do you really need attic mold removal? You probably know the answer is yes. For homes in Red Lion, it’s crucial to protect your indoors against mold and related moisture issues. That’s especially true for two areas of the home: your basement and your attic. 

There’s a number of reasons why it’s important to protect your attic from mold. From your experts at Green Home Solutions, here are a few key ones. 

Why You’ll Want Professional Attic Mold Removal in Red Lion 

For homeowners in Red Lion, professional remediation can significantly reduce the impact, damage, and spread of mold. At Green Home Solutions, we’ve seen the damage wreaked by unchecked mold. Here’s why you’ll want to consider professional intervention: 

  • Growth can affect subsurfaces. It’s one thing for mold to grow on or near surfaces, but the last thing you want is for mold to travel below surfaces. Once it goes below the surface, it can affect your home’s substructure. Your attic is particularly vulnerable, since some structural elements, such as rafters, are accessible above the surface. It’s why professional attic mold removal in the Red Lion area is critical.
  • Mold can spread downward. With attic mold, it’s less of a risk that airborne mold spores will spread downwards into the living areas of your home. Hot air rises, making it harder for spores to travel in a downward direction. Unfortunately, active mold growth can still spread downwards. This is especially true if it’s growing on or near the floors or walls of your attic. 
  • It can feed on insulation. Mold can feed on some types of insulation, making them less effective overall. Even for mold-resistant types of insulation, such as fiberglass, it’s possible for active mold growth to occur. This type of insulation can trap food particles such as dust or other organic matter, which mold can then feed on. Mold-affected insulation is less likely to perform at peak capacity.  

Get Affordable, Rapid-Response Mold Treatment Today 

With Green Home Solutions, attic mold removal is always cost-effective, fast, and results-driven. We don’t just address mold growing on the surface. We seek out the full extent of mold and moisture issues, so we can help you achieve a mold-free indoors that lasts. Our team can travel to homes across the region, including: 

  • Red Lion
  • Dover
  • Thomasville
  • York
  • Hanover
  • Dillsburg
  • Spring Grove
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Get affordable, rapid-response attic mold removal in Red Lion today. To schedule your treatment, call the experts at Green Home Solutions at (855) 724-7336.