Indoor Air Quality Testing in Red Lion: How Air Quality Affects Your Health

Green Home Solutions providing indoor air quality testing in Red Lion.

Due to mold, bacteria, pet dander, smoke, or other factors, the air quality inside your property can become severely compromised. The only way to get to the bottom of this issue and figure out a solution is to secure expert testing. With our indoor air quality testing services for Red Lion properties, Green Home Solutions provides fast, convenient, and affordable service to fully diagnose your air quality concerns. 

Our experienced crew will determine the full scope of your indoor air pollution while identifying the root causes. With this detailed information, we can provide you with an effective plan for eco-friendly remediation. 

The Health Effects of Poor Air Quality: A Quick Primer

Ignoring mold or other indoor pollutants is a bad idea. If these contaminants are allowed to accumulate, they can create serious health concerns for those within the property. Here are some of the possible effects:

  • Short-term effects. If you are exposed to mold, you may feel dizzy and experience terrible headaches. While these are fairly generic symptoms that can be caused by a number of factors, a great way to tell if they are caused by mold is if they tend to go away once you have left your home or office. 
  • Long-term complications. Over the long term, continued exposure to indoor pollutants can lead to pneumonia, heart issues, cancer, and other serious medical conditions. 
  • Air quality as a contributing factor. When your property doesn’t have proper ventilation, this creates an environment where bacteria and viruses can easily accumulate. If someone is sick within your home or business, they will be far more likely to spread their illness to others. 

Get Started with Indoor Air Quality Testing in Red Lion

Green Home Solutions provides expert indoor air quality testing throughout York, Red Lion, Hanover, Dover, Dillsburg, Thomasville, Spring Grove, and the surrounding areas. With a comprehensive test of your property, we can diagnose air quality concerns, identify the root causes and summarize the entire issue. From there, our team can also provide a clear and effective plan for remediation. All of our remediation services are done using plant-based supplies. 

For more info about our indoor air quality testing and eco-friendly remediation services in Red Lion, call Green Home Solutions today at (855) 724-7336.