Mold Removal in York: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Mold Removal Services

Dealing with mold in your home? Getting professional mold removal in York can help you quickly take care of the problem. At Green Home Solutions in York, we know how little mold needs to survive, thrive, and spread. Within days, we can make sure any active mold is cleaned up, while ensuring long-term mold prevention has taken place. 

When you’re trying to clean mold on your own, it’s hard to properly remove. Here’s a few reasons why. 

Four Common Mistakes When Treating Mold On Your Own

Many homeowners want to tackle mold on their own. Because of how fast mold grows, and how easily it spreads, it’s tough to address thoroughly without the right products, equipment, or processes. Here’s a few common mistakes that happen with DIY treatment: 

  • Ignoring small areas of growth. When small pockets of mold start to appear, some people may dismiss them, thinking they’re not worth worrying about. It’s important to remember that mold is only visible when it’s become a thriving mold colony. Even small areas of growth should be testing or investigated in more detail.
  • Using paint or bleach. The wrong mold removal products can make problems worse, not better. Both paint and bleach are products which can mask the presence of mold, making it seem like it’s been dealt with. With professional mold treatment from Green Home Solutions, mold can be properly neutralized at its molecular level. 
  • Not looking for mold sources. When mold starts growing, there’s always a reason why. The reason is typically moisture buildup, caused by water intrusion, leaks, or similar problems. If you treat mold without addressing the reason it’s occurring, mold will come back again and again.
  • Spreading mold during treatment. During the treatment process, it’s far too easy to activate further mold growth—even if you don’t mean to. Without the proper equipment, mold cleanup can result in mold spores spreading into adjacent living areas. For tiny, microscopic spores, highly sensitive equipment is needed to trap and remove them.

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At Green Home Solutions, we’ll get to the source of mold problems right away. We offer affordable, high-impact mold removal, completed in just a few days. Our experts can assess mold issues and help you take next steps right away, for homeowners in: 

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