Mold Removal in Dover

Two people with equipment for mold removal in Dover

Dealing with mold can come with plenty of headaches—quite literally. The adverse health effects of mold are well documented, and can range widely depending on the species of indoor mold you’re dealing with. It’s why Green Home Solutions always administers rapid-response, proactive mold removal in Dover. 

We know how important it is to prioritize your health and wellbeing when cleaning up mold. We keep this in mind with every aspect of the treatment process, from the products we use to the results we provide. We always make sure to leave your home healthier than when we started, so you can enjoy a mold-free, breathable space. 

3 Ways We Administer Health-Conscious Mold Removal in Dover 

Mold can be a health hazard, but some conventional mold removal methods can also present a risk, too. At Green Home Solutions, we’re always considerate of your health. Here are just a few ways we administer health-conscious remediation in Dover: 

We never use hazardous chemicals. A lot of mold cleanup products contain bleaches or other high-toxicity chemicals. These ingredients can be hazardous to breathe in, and can compromise your respiratory health. We never use these types of products. Our products don’t contain high-toxicity or abrasive ingredients.   

We only work with eco-friendly products. To treat mold effectively, we use EPA-certified, environmentally conscious remediation sprays. Our products, which are exclusive to Green Home Solutions, feature plant-based ingredients. While these are family-friendly products, they’re also aggressive on dead mold and active growth.

We’re conscientious of your air quality. As much as possible, we reduce or even eliminate the need for demolition and/or renovation. These processes can be time-consuming and costly, and they can also introduce dust particles and other contaminants into the air you breathe. We only use demolition as a final resort. 

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality With Green Home Solutions 

With Green Home Solutions, you can always expect your indoor air to feel cleaner and fresher than when we started. We use mold removal products designed to repair and improve air quality inside your home, breaking down bacteria, mold, and other contaminants in the air. Wherever your family is based, we can help you get powerful, health-conscious remediation, in: 

  • Dover
  • York
  • Thomasville
  • Spring Grove
  • Red Lion
  • Dillsburg
  • Hanover 
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Want to learn more about our mold removal process in Dover? Get in touch with your Green Home Solutions team by calling (855) 724-7336.