Completed Crawlspace encapsulation in Holland

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Holland: The Choice of Realtors & Home Inspectors

  • Date: 09-2021

Crawlspaces offer a number of advantages, but they’re high-risk areas for mold, pests, and water damage. All three of these problems have a common root cause: excess moisture. In a typical crawlspace, the best defense against these problems is crawlspace encapsulation. At Green Home Solutions, our encapsulation systems are a popular choice with homeowners in Holland, as well as home sellers and buyers.

If you’re a realtor or home inspector working in the Holland area, our encapsulation services can bring peace of mind to your clients. With crawlspace encapsulation, home sellers can increase the value of their home, while home buyers have the confidence that comes with a healthier crawlspace.

How Crawlspace Encapsulation Helps Realtors & Home Inspectors

At Green Home Solutions, we work closely with realtors and home inspectors in the local area. Often, we’re brought in to perform mold testing and mold remediation for existing mold growth. We also work with realtors and home inspectors to make properties more resilient against mold. In homes with crawlspaces, encapsulation is one of the most important and effective solutions we offer.

When you’re working with someone who is listing a property for sale, encapsulation is a great way to increase value and encourage bids. In addition to reducing the risk of mold, pests, and structural damage, encapsulation improves air quality in areas located above the crawlspace. It also offers energy savings by stopping air leakage and heat transfer in the crawlspace.

Home buyers value crawlspace encapsulation for all of the reasons listed above. If you’re working with a buyer who’s hesitant to purchase a home because the crawlspace is poorly maintained, we can help address these concerns. Our team can quickly perform mold remediation if it’s needed, and we can design an encapsulation system that protects the crawlspace for years to come.

Encapsulation for Crawlspaces in Holland

As a locally owned and operated company, we pride ourselves on responsive, friendly, and client-focused service. Whether you’re partnering with us for mold inspections, mold remediation, or property maintenance solutions, we’ll work with you to provide your clients with peace of mind.

Our crawlspace encapsulation services are available for properties in:

  • Holland
  • Zeeland
  • West Olive
  • Hudsonville
  • Saugatuck
  • And the surrounding areas

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