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How Mold Removal in Zeeland Can Address Health Concerns

  • Date: 12-2019

Our health is often tied to the environments we spend the most time in. When mold enters the picture, it can be a worry for that exact reason. Indoor mold can result in health concerns for those around you, particularly when proper mold removal techniques aren’t used. That’s where Green Home Solutions in Zeeland can make a difference.

Our mold removal company takes a comprehensive approach when treating fungi, mildew, or mold in Zeeland. This means identifying hidden mold growth and testing the air for contamination. We treat existing mold and make sure to recommend practical measures to prevent it from returning. Plus, we always use sprays and treatment methods that take your health into consideration.

3 Ways Mold Can Affect Your Health in Zeeland

For different people, mold can be a mild irritant, or it can be a health risk of real concern. Understanding its wide range of implications can help you take precautions with mold removal. Here are just a few risks you should be aware of: 

  • Poor indoor air quality. Mold enters the air that circulates through your indoor spaces via imperceptible mold spores. These result in a drop in overall air quality and have been linked to congestion, headaches, and skin irritation. 
  • Flare-ups of existing health concerns. For vulnerable individuals, and particularly those who already have respiratory conditions, immune systems that are compromised, or allergies, mold can trigger related issues. 
  • Damp indoor conditions. Mold comes with excess moisture or water intrusion. This can not only compromise your building’s interiors, but also have a negative impact on your health. 

How Our Mold Removal Services Can Help

family friendly mold removal in Zeeland

At Green Home Solutions, it’s our goal to achieve lasting mold removal that improves your air quality and promotes your well-being. We treat doctors’ offices and health centers as well as homes, offices, and other buildings in Zeeland, Hudsonville, Holland, Saugatuck, West Olive, and nearby towns, so we understand the importance of treatment that gets the job done right. 

You can expect the same deliberate care and consideration when we treat your building. This includes the completion of careful testing to understand why mold has appeared, as well as the use of highly responsive methods for treatment and prevention. We always think about your health when treating mold and maintain the end goal of leaving you with healthier overall air quality. 

For mold removal services that reliably take your health into account, contact Green Home Solutions in Zeeland today at (616) 403-3752