Mold Inspection in Holland

specialist providing Mold Inspection in Holland

How can you tell if your home in Holland has mold? A mold inspection can offer conclusive proof either way. Mold can’t always be detected by sight or even smell, which is why a comprehensive investigation is so important. Inspection doesn’t just confirm the presence of any growth. It also offers detailed data on the scope of mold issues and any environmental conditions which are contributing to it. 

At Green Home Solutions, inspection is always a precursor to any remediation we administer. That’s because inspection allows us to be more strategic and more responsive when cleaning up and preventing mold. We’re able to treat any active growth faster, while ensuring your indoor environment isn’t hospitable to mold in the future. In doing so, we can achieve rapid-response remediation with long-term impact. 

3 Signs of Potential Indoor Mold Growth

While a mold inspection can offer definitive data on indoor mold issues in Holland, there are other ways to watch for mold. Here are three potential signs that mold may have infiltrated your indoor areas: 

  • You see water damage. Mold only starts growing when it has enough moisture to feed on. It’s always worthwhile to monitor for water damage or other signs of moisture buildup. Deterioration of surfaces like ceilings or walls can be an indicator of both moisture and mold, too. If water’s present inside your home, it’s likely that mold is, too. 
  • You feel allergy symptoms. Tiny proteins in mold spores are what cause allergic reactions, asthma attacks, and other respiratory concerns. If you’re finding it difficult to breathe in certain parts of the home, or if there’s an increase in allergy outbreaks, mold may be responsible.  
  • You smell mold odors. Some molds give off strong odors. It happens when mold produces tiny, strong-smelling compounds. These odors are described as mildewy, musty, damp, rotting, or earthy. If any area of your home is giving off a strong mold smell, you’ll want to take further precautions to deal with mold. 

Schedule Your Mold Inspection in Holland 

If you notice any potential signs of mold, you’ll want to schedule a mold inspection. With Green Home Solutions, you can schedule inspection and remediation services in: 

  • Holland
  • Saugatuck
  • Zeeland
  • Hudsonville
  • West Olive
  • And throughout the surrounding area

We make it easier to be proactive about mold and mold contributors, so you can enjoy a healthy, breathable home. 

Green Home Solutions offers affordable, high-powered inspection and treatment services. You can schedule a mold inspection in Holland by contacting our office at (616) 403-3752