Mold Inspection in West Olive

specialist providing Mold Inspection in West Olive

What should you deal with first, an existing mold problem or the ongoing leak that caused mold in the first place? At Green Home Solutions, we assist homeowners in addressing these issues. We offer expert mold inspection and remediation in West Olive, so you can get to the heart of the problem.  

When you’ve got both ongoing water intrusion and an ongoing mold issue, you’ll always want to address the water intrusion first. But you don’t have to do it alone. Here’s how Green Home Solutions can make this process easier. 

How We Help You Take Action Against Moisture and Mold 

Treating mold and moisture without the proper methods or processes can feel like an impossible task. Professional mold inspection and treatment from Green Home Solutions can make an enormous difference. For homes in West Olive, our team can help with every stage of the process: 

  • We look for the source of moisture. Even if you know a leak is present, it’s possible other water intrusion is contributing to mold. Professional mold inspection can be essential here. During the inspection process, we can investigate rooms in the home featuring mold, tracing water sources which are activating mold growth.  
  • We assist with moisture control. Once we’ve identified water intrusion or other moisture events, we’ll supply you with steps for treating and/or drying up existing water buildup. Your Green Home Solutions representative can always offer guidance based on your West Olive home and the specific moisture concerns we’ve discovered. 
  • We clean up existing mold growth. Even after a leak is treated, it’s important to clean up mold. That’s because mold can continue to present a health concern even when it’s dried out. Growth may even reactivate if it’s left unaddressed. We use precision technology to contain and treat mold, even airborne particles.  

What To Expect With Mold Inspection in West Olive 

Mold inspection from Green Home Solutions is administered by our experts. We comb any affected areas for moisture and mold, aided by high-precision scanning equipment. We provide inspections for commercial and residential buildings alike in: 

  • West Olive
  • Saugatuck
  • Zeeland
  • Hudsonville
  • Holland
  • And throughout the surrounding area

When inspection is completed, Green Home Solutions can review testing results with you. At this point, we can also clarify what’s needed for effective treatment. We make sure you get impactful, lasting mold control. 

Have questions about our mold inspection or remediation in West Olive? Just give your Green Home Solutions experts a call today at (616) 403-3752.