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Mold Remediation in West Olive

  • Date: 07-2020

Dealing with mold doesn’t have to be stressful, complicated, or drawn-out. At Green Home Solutions, we deliver mold remediation at a fraction of the cost and time of conventional treatment in West Olive. We do that while ensuring you get long-lasting impact, getting straight to the heart of any mold or moisture issues that are present indoors. 

We eliminate any guesswork with remediation by instead relying on comprehensive inspection before and after remediation. Your Green Home Solutions representative will ensure we don’t overlook any affected areas, while calibrating the extent of treatment based on how far mold has spread. The result is fast, precise, and powerful remediation that’s more affordable to you as well. 

A Diligent Approach To Mold Remediation in West Olive 

Whether you suspect the presence of mold or you’ve seen evidence of active growth, a mold inspection is always essential for effective mold remediation. For Green Home Solutions in West Olive, inspection is implemented by one of our expert representatives, who scouts for any moisture sources or mold growth. It means that any treatment we provide can be thorough, detailed, and fast-acting. 

Inspection data forms the basis of our remediation plan. Your home or office’s remediation plan will be completely tailored to the extensiveness of mold growth we’ve discovered, making sure to target any hard-to-reach pockets of mold as well as mold within the air. Green Home Solutions will lock off affected areas, so mold can’t spread easily. 

We use highly targeted methods for treating mold, minimizing any teardown as much as possible. Remediation can take just two to five days in most cases. We know your peace of mind is crucial when it comes to mold issues. Your Green Home Solutions representative can implement a final inspection so you can get conclusive evidence that all mold has been taken care of. 

Eco-Friendly Treatments From Green Home Solutions 

Green Home Solutions provides comprehensive mold remediation and indoor air quality services to buildings in the areas of: 

  • West Olive
  • Zeeland
  • Holland
  • Saugatuck
  • Hudsonville 
  • And throughout the region 

Whether we’re treating a hospital or your home, our representatives take a careful, health-conscious approach to our services. In fact, our products are completely eco-friendly and designed to be gentle on your lungs, for hospital-grade results that are healthier for you. 

Get started with Green Home Solutions today. Call (616) 403-3752 to learn more about scheduling mold remediation in West Olive.