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Mold Removal Services For Zeeland: Your Questions Answered

  • Date: 07-2019

When you need mold removal services in Zeeland, Green Home Solutions can help you take control of any mold problems inside your property. We deliver our powerful, fast-acting, and affordable services to homeowners and property managers in Zeeland as well as Hudsonville, West Olive, Holland, and Saugatuck. Here are just a few of the questions we get most often. 

What Causes Indoor Mold in Zeeland and Do You Need Mold Removal Services?

Mold is a type of fungus that appears when there’s moisture in your home. In nature, mold breaks down organic materials. In our homes, when mold appears, it starts to break down surfaces, releasing harmful allergenic spores and contaminating the air in Zeeland we breathe. It’s why getting mold removal services is so important when you spot growth. 

our staff doing mold removal services in Zeeland

The moisture that causes mold can vary greatly, and you may not even notice it’s an issue until you see mold. Factors which contribute to mold in Zeeland include humidity, leaks, or poor ventilation. Mold often thrives in damp, dusty areas, which is why basements often collect growth. 

Why Do You Need Professional Mold Removal Services in Zeeland?

With any kind of mold issue, you need to take a fast-acting, multi-step approach in order to stop growth from spreading, to address and remediate any affected areas, and to remove factors which have caused mold in Zeeland. Our professional mold removal services can help you achieve these results quickly and with impact. 

By the time mold growth becomes visible, it’s already released mold spores into the air. It’s one of the reasons that household mold removal products often provide only temporary results. We use professional equipment to contain mold growth, including spores. Our mold inspections in Zeeland can locate any additional growth, as well as any related moisture, so we can remediate thoroughly. 

Why Choose Green Home Solutions? 

Green Home Solutions sets ourselves apart in Zeeland with an extensive and highly detailed process for mold remediation, with careful testing at every stage to ensure that mold has been successfully addressed. Our priority is to make sure that mold has been addressed, and to prevent it from returning in the future.

We’ll never use harsh or abrasive chemicals to treat mold, since these can contribute to poor air quality and worsen respiratory health. With our mold removal services in Zeeland, we use eco-friendly products which quickly break down mold growth and mold spores, making your air cleaner. 

If you have any additional questions about our mold removal services in Zeeland, just give Green Home SolutionsĀ a call: (616) 403-3752. We can help you today.