Mold Removal Services provided by Green Home Solutions of West Michigan

Your Trusted Mold Remediation in Holland 

  • Date: 02-2020

When you need professional mold remediation services, you want treatments that are proactive, effective, and long-lasting. That’s what you’ll get with Green Home Solutions in Holland, MI. We take an exacting approach to assessing, identifying, treating, and preventing mold throughout Ottawa County. We get to the source of mold, moisture, and other air quality issues in your indoors.

Treating mold can be tough without professional intervention. That’s because mold is microscopic on its own, allowing it to spread undetected via tiny spores. Without the right equipment to detect, discover, and contain mold growth, it can continue to flourish unchecked. 

But it’s also crucial to determine how mold has been able to thrive. Mold often crops up when there’s a buildup of moisture within indoor environments. We can help you locate those moisture sources and take steps to remove them so that mold doesn’t have the conditions it needs to survive long-term. 

Family-Friendly Mold Remediation for Holland Homes 

family friendly mold remediation in Holland

For homes in Holland, Green Home Solutions uses family-friendly methods for mold remediation. The products we use for mold remediation are safe for families when they’re used as directed. Our treatment sprays don’t contain abrasive chemicals or harsh ingredients that could deteriorate your home’s air quality. 

Instead, we use sprays derived from plant-based enzymes. These EPA-certified products are proven to attack mold and mold molecules aggressively while restoring and preserving indoor surfaces.

It allows us to minimize the use of demolition or teardown as much as possible, which is what conventional remediation services use to get to mold growth. That way, we’re able to keep costs down while delivering faster and more precise treatment. 

Ottawa County’s Choice for Expert Air Quality Services 

With Green Home Solutions, you’re getting expert air quality treatments and mold remediation from local experts. We’re able to come to homes throughout Ottawa County, including those in:  

  • Holland
  • Saugatuck
  • Zeeland
  • West Olive
  • Hudsonville

Our representatives have extensive knowledge of indoor mold issues and moisture control. We always administer treatment based on guidelines from the EPA, ANSI/IICRC, Indoor Environmental Standards Organization, and any other protocols specific to remediation. 

We never stop at treating mold or preventing growth. Our remediation services will correct and improve air quality, too, so you and your family can enjoy a healthier indoor environment. 

When Green Home Solutions treats your home, you can expect immediate results that last. Get our fast and affordable mold remediation services in Holland by calling us today at (616) 403-3752