Mold Removal Company in Quincy treating mold on wall

Our Mold Removal Company in Quincy: Helping Homebuyers and Realtors 

  • Date: 10-2021

When your clients buy a home, you want them to be satisfied with their decision. You never want to find out there were undiscovered issues like mold—especially after a sale has gone through. Our mold removal company can make sure all your clients, from Quincy to Framingham and in other neighborhoods, are aware of mold or other possible concerns prior to a commitment being made. Here’s how Green Home Solutions can help.

4 Reasons Your Clients Will Want a Mold Inspection 

Mold issues can vary in severity, source, and scope. Some mold problems can be easily and affordably dealt with, while others require more attention. It’s why our mold removal company always recommends a detailed inspection prior to a sale in the Quincy area. This is important because: 

  • Mold can trigger health problems. Depending on where mold is situated in a home, it can have a measurable effect on health. For those with allergies, asthma, or other respiratory conditions, it’s important to know if mold is present. It can also be vital to those with children or other vulnerable family.
  • Mold damage may be severe. When mold is left untreated for long, it can colonize on subsurfaces of the house. While mold consumes organic materials to survive, it can also push through porous surfaces like concrete, causing damage to these materials. Your client will want to know if there’s structural damage to a home before buying. 
  • Underlying factors may need addressing. Mold only appears when it has enough moisture to grow and thrive. These moisture issues can be wide-ranging, caused by leaks, seasonal flooding, inadequate drainage, lack of ventilation, or other factors. If these issues are present, they’ll need to be treated for effective and lasting mold control. 
  • Cost is always a concern. The damage and underlying causes of mold can be costly to deal with. Just as importantly, if a home is susceptible to mold, it can lower the overall property value. Cost is always a concern when buying, and your clients will want to make sure they’re taking any mold issues into consideration. 

Affordable, Expert Services From Our Mold Removal Company in Quincy

Partner with Green Home Solutions today for comprehensive mold inspections, affordable mold treatment services, and more. Our mold removal company offers support to realtors in: 

  • Quincy
  • Framingham
  • Randolph
  • Milford
  • Braintree
  • Norwood
  • Foxboro
  • And throughout the surrounding area

Have questions for our mold removal company in Quincy? Get in touch today by calling Green Home Solutions at (508) 779-5501.

*Our mold remediation services follow the guidelines and directions of the products we use and the various industry organizations to which we subscribe. Any claims of “removal” should not be considered a commitment or agreement of any kind.