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Air Quality Services for Environmental Specialists

Mold, moisture, and odors can be detrimental to both structures and people. We frequently partner with specialists who require environmental air testing in Naperville, IL. after discovering mold or other toxic substances in commercial buildings.

Trusted Environmental Air Testing

Regardless of the size of a commercial building, mold and odors can have a detrimental effect on employees and the integrity of the building’s structure. Commercial environmental specialists play a vital role in the effective remediation of mold and odors by determining the source and identity of any harmful mold, mildew, or odors within the building.

While environmental specialists can perform professional testing to identify the extent of a mold concern, they still need a team of remediation experts on their side to take the next step in returning the property to a clean state. At Green Home Solutions, we’re proud to offer highly effective, affordable air quality services for environmental specialists.

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Getting Your Home or Business Back to Normal Starts Now

At Green Home Solutions we provide water disaster restoration services. Our team is also equipped to handle additional services such as odor treatment, mold testing and removal, and air purification.

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About Our Air Quality Testing and Remediation Services

If you are an environmental specialist in need of air testing or mold and odor removal services, Green Home Solutions of Naperville, IL. is here to help. We offer comprehensive remediation services that come with the following premier benefits:

  • No use of harsh chemicals
  • Highly effective remediation results
  • No-obligation property consultations
  • IICRC- and EPA-approved guidelines
  • Exceptional service and support

With our cutting-edge treatment practices and plant-based products, we are the first choice for environmental air testing and the elimination of any size mold or odor problem – without the high costs and mess of demolition.

How Our Process Works

Once scientific testing reveals the scope of mold and contaminant concentration levels, we can create a plan for remediation. Our EPA-registered products are enzymatic and denature mold spores from within. Optional independent, third-party post-treatment environmental air testing can confirm this.

Contact Us Today to Request a Service

Isn’t it time for you to breathe cleaner, fresher air? Complete our simple form to request any of our services including air quality testing, mold removal, odor treatment, crawl space encapsulation, duct cleaning and more, or call Green Home Solutions of Naperville, IL. at 630-847-0013 to talk with an expert today.