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Our Air Quality Services Clients

Rely on Green Home Solutions of Baltimore and Annapolis when you need affordable, effective, and fast-acting air quality services. We partner with homeowners and industry professionals who need expert mold removal, odor removal, air purification, and more. Whether you need air quality services for a home or for a business, you will appreciate our knowledge of the science of commercial air quality and our commitment to preserving the planet.

At Green Home Solutions, we are dedicated to the use of products that remediate mold, disinfect air and surfaces, stop odors, kill bacteria, and dry up moisture at the source. When you enlist our services, we will start with a thorough mold, odor, and moisture assessment, followed by a professional customized recommendation for next steps. We may recommend commercial air quality testing from an accredited third-party scientific laboratory to determine the extent of contamination.

We serve a wide range of air quality services clients in Baltimore and Annapolis, including:



Whether you’ve had a leak, you can see mold, or your crawl space smells odd, you have a problem. Don’t wait another day. Contact Green Home Solutions to ensure your family is breathing fresh, clean air.

Real Estate Professionals

Losing a deal because of a mold or odor problem is a waste of your time and resources. When you suspect a home has mold or needs odor removal, call Green Home Solutions. We’ll get the problem fixed fast and affordably, so you can make that sale!

Property Managers

Being a landlord is a tough job. Discovering that your rental property has mold or odor issues can make the job twice as challenging. Don’t wait until the problem spreads, find out how Green Home Solutions can help.

Environmental Specialists

Commercial environmental specialists play a vital role in the effective remediation of mold and odor. If a facility you support needs mold or odor remediation, Green Home Solutions is the company to call. Our comprehensive services are effective and affordable.

Home Inspectors

When you are faced with a home that has crawl space or foundation concerns, visible mold, or unpleasant odors, you need a top-quality referral. Green Home Solutions is here to help. We’ll provide your customers with reliable, affordable, and fast solutions.

Healthcare Professionals

The health of your patients and staff is essential. Ensuring your facility meets the standards set by AORN and OSHA is an ongoing effort. Green Home Solutions can help ensure your healthcare facility is mold and odor free without the use of harsh chemicals.

Contact Us Today to Request a Service

Green Home Solutions provides comprehensive mold inspection reports, mold remediation plans, moisture control solutions, and air quality testing services. Our treatments are thorough while complying with the latest standards and state requirements. If you believe you may have a mold problem, contact us to get started with a mold inspection and testing service today. Call (410) 376-7208 or complete our online form.