Crawlspace Encapsulation in Charlotte: What To Expect

Date: 09-2021

With Green Home Solutions, you can always expect affordable, proactive, and high-impact treatments. That’s true of our crawlspace encapsulation process, too. For homeowners in Charlotte, we make sure encapsulation is completed quickly and carefully, while using cost-effective, powerfully precise methods to seal this area of the house.  Encapsulation offers a protective barrier between your home […]

Quality Mold Testing in Charlotte 

Date: 05-2021

Before you start worrying about mold issues, you’ll want to schedule detailed testing and inspection services. Mold testing is the basis for any remediation from Green Home Solutions. For houses, offices, and other types of buildings in Charlotte, we get to the source of what’s causing indoor mold problems.   Mold can be especially pernicious because […]

Fast-Acting Mold Removal in Charlotte

Date: 04-2021

If you’ve found mold in your home or office, professional mold removal in Charlotte can help you get ahead of the problem. At Green Home Solutions, we minimize the cost and time involved in treatment, while investigating, diagnosing, treating, and preventing mold. We offer comprehensive remediation, expertly administered, reducing the damage that mold might cause […]

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