Mold Remediation in Matthews

Date: 06-2020

At Green Home Solutions we take an eco-friendly, science-backed and thorough approach to mold remediation in Matthews. We treat mold quickly and affordably, while making sure we’re helping to achieve lasting mold control as well. For homes and buildings throughout the area, we offer remediation that can often be completed in a single day and our approach helps ensure […]

About Our Mold Remediation in Charlotte

Date: 05-2020

Don’t let mold take over your home. At Green Home Solutions, we deliver fast-acting mold remediation in just a few days, targeting and comprehensively treating any mold or mold spores we find in your home. For Charlotte area homeowners, our treatments are based on exacting data and time-tested treatments, so you can always be sure […]

Mold Testing in Charlotte

Date: 03-2020

At Green Home Solutions, mold testing and inspection forms the basis of all effective remediation services we provide in Charlotte, NC. Our comprehensive methods allow us to take any guesswork out of treatment so we can deliver fast, precise, and affordable mold remediation you can count on.  Inspection services are crucial for thorough treatment to […]

Getting Mold Removal Services in Charlotte: Your Questions Answered

Date: 06-2019

At Green Home Solutions in Charlotte, our unique mold removal services are fast, effective and affordable. Our mold remediation typically takes as little as one to three days to rid your home of musty odors, mold and airborne allergens. We use proprietary EPA registered plant-based enzyme products which differentiates us from other companies who often use harsh chemicals […]

Terms and Conditions

Date: 04-2019

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