Our Mold Specialists in Cumberland: Who We Serve

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Green Home Solutions is your partner in maintaining indoor air quality. Our mold specialist team works with industry professionals as well as Cumberland area homeowners to address mold, bacteria, fungi, odors, and other air quality concerns.

Our mold specialists work on properties in Pawtucket, Woonsocket, Lincoln, North Providence, and Cumberland. We pair an environmentally conscious approach with results-backed, powerfully impactful treatments. 

  • Our team will complete an indoor air quality test first, to assess moisture, mold growth, odors, and any other issues. Then, we’ll identify next steps to help you treat the mold at its source.
  • We use a robust proprietary spray treatment that attacks both visible mold growth as well as tiny, invisible mold spores. 
  • Our products don’t contain bleaches or other abrasive chemicals. 

To speak to one of the mold specialists at Green Home Solutions, contact our Cumberland office today: (401) 367-2228.

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Long-term exposure to mold, mildew, or odors can cause respiratory issues and other concerns. Our mold specialists can apply targeted treatments that can help prevent future growth in your Cumberland area home, to better protect the health of your family. 

Real Estate Professionals

The discovery of mold on a property can wreak havoc on an ongoing real estate deal. Keep the value of your properties going at a competitive rate. With our affordable remediation services, Green Home Solutions can typically complete a successful treatment in under a week.

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Property Managers

Green Home Solutions is your partner in preserving the quality of your buildings. We can help you avoid the stress and high cost of traditional mold remediation, which typically involves extensive renovations. Instead, we use state-of-the-art technology to apply high-impact, cost-effective treatments. 

Environmental Specialists

For commercial environmental specialists in Cumberland, we know it’s crucial to have access to expert mold specialists you trust. Our team uses an EPA-certified treatment spray which attacks the allergenic proteins in mold spores, plus a comprehensive range of equipment to isolate and contain growth.

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Home Inspectors

When you discover mold, mildew, or odors in a crawlspace or attic, you need a referral your clients will love. Green Home Solutions works with many home inspection services to deliver affordable mold remediation services that are safe for families with pets and children, when used as directed.

Healthcare Professionals

For hospital administrators, safeguarding your team and clients by maintaining cleanliness standards is always an ongoing process. Green Home Solutions can assist your facility in meeting OSHA and AORN requirements, with treatments that address mold, bacteria, odors, and other concerns. 

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Green Home Solutions vs. Competitor

Green Home Solutions Competitor
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Contains plant based enzymes.
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Most are synthetic chemicals.
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Catalytic, keeps on working.
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Very reactive. Energy used up instantly.
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Breaks down allergenic proteins in spores.
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Fine spray application reaches everywhere.
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Helps prevent growth.
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Indoor Air Quality

Indoor Air Quality

Our EPA registered product is made using plant-based ingredients and kills mold and its suspected harmful effects.



Often, there is no need for expensive demolition, so we are usually 50-75% less costly than our competitors.



We complete the process quickly — on average in 2-5 days.



Our products create a clean indoor environment by cleaning and killing airborne impurities — wherever they may hide.