Important Information To Consider Prior To Inspection

Date: 11-2021

Need mold remediation done, but not sure where to start? Here is some important information to consider before your inspection or any remediation! 1. Mold remediation cannot be considered successful unless the air quality is tested after treatment. Mold is microscopic, so simply removing what is visible can lead to worse problems down the road. […]

Mold Removal Company in Norwalk: How Buyers Benefit From Inspections

Date: 08-2021

When your clients make an offer on a house, you want them to be confident it’s the right choice. The last thing you want is for them to find mold or other hidden problems after the transaction goes through. Our mold removal company in Norwalk can help to prevent this risk. We offer expert mold inspections […]

Mold Removal Company in Fairfield: Is That Weird Smell Mold?

Date: 08-2021

Any time there’s an unexpected odor in your home, it’s easy to worry about mold. But how can you tell if the smell actually is mold? At our mold removal company in Fairfield, this is a question we regularly hear from local homeowners. The best way to tell if a strange odor is caused by […]

Mold Inspection Company in Shelton: The Benefits of Mold Testing

Date: 08-2021

One of the defining features of our mold inspection company is our commitment to state-of-the-art mold detection systems. When we perform inspections in Shelton, we use UV technology to visually detect hidden mold and moisture problems. We also collect surface samples and air samples during our inspections, which are then tested at an independent lab. The […]

Mold Inspection Company in Norwalk: What Sets Us Apart

Date: 08-2021

When your home has a mold problem, the first step to getting it fixed is a professional inspection. With the right mold inspection company in Norwalk, you can diagnose the source, species, and severity of mold problems in your home. These results can then be used to design an effective treatment. At Green Home Solutions, we know the […]

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