Attic Mold Removal in Barre: Next Steps After an Inspector Finds Mold

Date: 09-2021

Your attic is one of the most likely places to find mold in your home. When that happens, the first step is to have your attic professionally inspected. If the inspection reveals mold, you’ll need to have it removed. But before hiring an attic mold removal company, homeowners will want to take some additional steps. As […]

Attic Mold Removal in Burlington: What Causes Attic Mold?

Date: 08-2021

When it comes to ventilation systems, it often feels like the attic and basement are afterthoughts. If no one’s spending time in either part of the home, does it matter? Yes. In fact, ventilation issues are one of the most common causes of mold, especially in the attic. At Green Home Solutions, we can identify […]

Mold Removal in Barre

Date: 04-2021

When you choose Green Home Solutions for mold removal in Barre, you’re choosing experts who treat mold quickly, tactically, and thoroughly. We never stop at surface remediation. Instead, our representatives use comprehensive, wide-ranging strategies to investigate and prevent mold. With a rapid-response approach to treatment, we can minimize the damage it does to indoor environments […]

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