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Environmental Mycotoxin Testing

Mycotoxin Indoor Air Quality Assessment

Molds can produce toxic mycotoxins that become airborne, stick to surfaces, and cause serious health issues like immune deficiency and cancer. Green Home Solutions offers comprehensive indoor air quality assessments to mitigate these dangers and protect your indoor environmental health.

Green Home Solutions is proud to partner with industry leading Respirare Labs for all of our mycotoxin labwork.

Improving Your Indoor Air Environment

Protect Your Health: Mycotoxins are carcinogenic and can cause serious brain effects, including neurological and neuropsychiatric symptoms. Testing for mycotoxins can protect you and your family.

Ensure Safe Air Quality: Inhaled mycotoxins can enter the bloodstream directly, posing a serious health hazard. Mycotoxin air testing can detect their presence and guide appropriate removal actions.

Verify Remediation Success: Air and surface mycotoxin testing can ensure that mold remediation has effectively removed mold-produced mycotoxins from your space.

Persistent Mycotoxins: Mycotoxins can remain in structures long after mold removal, posing ongoing health risks. Testing for these toxins and taking appropriate removal steps is crucial for ensuring a safe environment.

The Benefits of Combining Mycotoxin and Spore Trap Testing

It’s essential to use both spore trap testing and mycotoxin testing when assessing the health of your indoor environment. Spore trap testing identifies the types of mold present, while mycotoxin testing detects the toxic chemicals produced by active or previously active molds that can pose significant health risks. By combining these two testing methods, you can achieve a more comprehensive evaluation of the quality and safety of your home or building.

Mycotoxin Testing

A method and technique designed to capture, detect, and measure mycotoxins in indoor environments. Our objective here is to identify the most dangerous chemical byproducts of mold that exist in both the air and on surfaces within indoor environments. This can be useful in evaluating the potential health risks and aid in taking measures to remove them.

Spore Trap Testing

A technique for capturing and measuring a diverse range of mold/fungal spores present in the air. Our objective here is to detect mold spores in the air and identify the specific type of mold to evaluate whether the spore levels indicate a fungal issue in the indoor space.

Airborne Mycotoxin

Environmental Testing (AMEA)

Green Home Solutions specializes in indoor mycotoxin testing and is a leader in the industry. Our air testing process uses an IOM sampler, which is widely regarded as the Gold Standard for collecting bioaerosols, particulates, and chemicals to determine airborne exposure levels.

By utilizing our patented extraction process and ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay), we’re able to accurately detect the most common airborne mycotoxins in indoor environments, often resulting from mold or water damage. 


Mycotoxin Environmental
Surface Testing (MESA)

If you’re concerned about mycotoxins on indoor surfaces, Green Home Solutions also offers a MESA mycotoxin surface test. by MESA mycotoxin surface testing detects the most common mycotoxins on various surfaces, including walls, furnishings, and HVAC systems. With Our unique extraction method and ELISA (Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay), you can easily test surfaces and prevent exposure to harmful chemical mold byproducts. Ensure a safer indoor environment for your family with an assessment today.

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Mycotoxin testing is crucial to ensure your home is free from harmful mold toxins that can impact your family’s health. Contact Green Home Solutions today for comprehensive mycotoxin testing and safeguard your living environment.