Lasting Mold Removal in Franklin County

Date: 10-2020

Treating mold doesn’t have to be costly or complicated. At Green Home Solutions, we deliver fast-acting, long-lasting mold removal services that help prevent mold from resurfacing. We take uncertainty out of the treatment process for homeowners and property managers in Franklin County. We employ detailed inspections, robust equipment, and lab-tested remediation sprays for precise results.  […]

Mold Removal in Roanoke

Date: 08-2020

With Green Home Solutions in Roanoke, you can get powerful mold removal in two to five days. We take the cost, stress, and lengthy timelines out of treatment, instead targeting mold and underlying issues at their source. Our representatives use lab-tested remediation sprays, powerful equipment, and expert methods to comprehensively address growth.  When mold surfaces […]

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