Important Information To Consider Prior To Inspection

Date: 11-2021

Need mold remediation done, but not sure where to start? Here is some important information to consider before your inspection or any remediation! 1. Mold remediation cannot be considered successful unless the air quality is tested after treatment. Mold is microscopic, so simply removing what is visible can lead to worse problems down the road. […]

Our Mold Removal Company in Dalton, GA: How We Help Realtors and Home Buyers

Date: 09-2021

At Green Home Solutions, we understand how important it is for home buyers to have all the information when entering into a sale. Our mold removal company in Dalton, GA provides support to realtors and their clients, helping them to close with confidence.  How We Can Help You Support Your Clients  When it comes to your […]

Mold Removal Company in Chattanooga: Is That Weird Smell Mold?

Date: 09-2021

Sometimes, mold grows out in the open, making it easy to find. But more often, mold takes root in out-of-the-way spaces or underneath the surface of infested materials. No one understands this better than your local mold removal company. At Green Home Solutions, we’ve seen countless homes in Chattanooga where there are few visual signs […]

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Cleveland: What to Expect

Date: 09-2021

At Green Home Solutions, we don’t just get rid of existing mold. We also offer solutions to prevent mold from growing in the first place. A great example is our crawlspace encapsulation service for the Cleveland, TN area. By encapsulating your crawlspace, you can protect one of the most vulnerable areas in your home against mold growth. Unsure […]

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Chattanooga

Date: 07-2021

Your crawlspace is one of the most vulnerable parts of your home for mold and moisture. Ground vapor can easily get trapped inside your crawlspace, creating the perfect environment for mold growth. That’s why Green Home Solutions strongly recommends crawlspace encapsulation for homeowners in the Chattanooga area. Crawlspace encapsulation involves the installation of plastic lining […]

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