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Green Home Solutions® is proud to bring products and services that protect Families and Pets from insect and air quality threats, feel better and enjoy life. We strive to find natural and safe solutions to life's issues that are made in the US.

Being comfortable inside and outside of our homes is a part of truly enjoying life. When a simple pleasure like being able to enjoy an evening with family and friends outdoors in the warm months, is taken away from us, it can be very stressful.

At Green Home Solutions we are here to help. We offer fast, easy and effective ways to solve the problems that cause distress and restore life's enjoyment. We guarantee it.

And fixing these problems doesn't have to mean that you are introducing harsh chemicals into the environment or around your family and pets any longer. Green Home Solutions® specializes in using products for our services that use natural ingredients and are safe when used as directed.


Our services are as effective as their harsh chemical counterparts, and are tested and proven to be effective. We guarantee the effectiveness of every service we offer.


We design our services with your budget in mind. In most cases our services will be well below the price you would expect. Effective solutions delivered at a good value is part of our mission.


We take our business seriously and treat it responsibly. Our entire system, from corporate headquarters, to our franchisees, to our Service Experts know it is a basic requirement to respect our customers and the environment.


Most Green Home Solutions products are made from elements that exist in nature in order to protect our environment while treating your home. Our products also have minimal impact after use. Many of our service approaches reduce waste such as landfill deposits from demolished construction materials when remediating mold.


The safety of our customers, their children and pets and our employees is of upmost importance to us. Our products and service procedures are specifically designed with safety in mind.

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Day 1 Mold Found, Day 2 Mold Gone
Get Treatment in as Little as 48 Hours
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Why GHS Is A Better Choice

  • Safe: When used as directed, our EPA-registered product kills mold and its suspected harmful effects. Our mold product is made using plant-based ingredients.
  • Affordable: Often, there is no need for costly demolition, thus, we are usually less costly than our competitors.
  • Fast: We will quickly complete the process, on average, in 2-5 days.
  • Effective: We use an ultra-fine spray mist that cleans and kills mold, wherever it may hide. We eliminate airborne impurities creating a clean indoor environment. We guarantee it!
GHS vs Competitor

Our Process

Mold Assessment


Visual Mold Assessment & Optional Air Quality Test

What We'll Do


Mold Remediation following IICRC Standards

Post-Testing is Completed


Optional Post-Test to confirm Mold is Gone!

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