Professional Odor Removal Services

Lingering bad smells in your home or business are bothersome and even embarrassing. Plus, pervasive odors shouldn’t just be masked with heavy fragrances. Eliminate persistent smells with odor removal services from Green Home Solutions . We specialize in not only removing foul odors but improving the air quality so you can breathe easier.

Comprehensive Odor Removal Services

Day-to-day life easily become uncomfortable in a space filled with noxious smells and unpleasant odors.

Furthermore, strong odors have many causes, and they have nothing to do with how frequently you clean. Once odors become embedded deep down where normal cleaning cannot reach, those unpleasant smells will hang in the air. In some cases, they even make the air unsafe and cause an array of health problems. When you have odors that won’t go away, then it’s time to call the professionals at Green Home Solutions.

A Man in a White Turtleneck Sits at a Kitchen Counter and Plugs His Nose with a Facial Expression of Smelling Something Bad

Cleaner Indoor Air and a Healthier Home

At Green Home Solutions we provide air quality testing to determine if you can benefit from additional services such as odor treatment, mold testing and removal, and air purification.

An Environmentally Friendly Approach to Odor Removal

How it works:

Your professional uses a fine spray solution free of harmful chemicals, perfumes, or masking agents. Instead, it uses fast-acting enzymes that bond to and neutralize odor molecules.

Our odor eliminating products are:

  • Plant based: All products are free of harsh chemicals and safe for use around people and pets when used as directed.
  • Effective: You’ll love how fresh and clean your property smells after we are done.
  • Powerful: Our products don’t mask odors but penetrate right to the source of the odor and destroy it at the molecular level.
  • Affordable: You’ll be surprised at how affordable it is to rid your home or business of unpleasant odors!
  • Fast: In about four hours, the treated areas are ready for normal use.

Types of Odors We Remove

Different odors have different causes and solutions. Our odor removal services include:

Mold Odor Removal

A damp, musty, or funky smell often indicates the presence of mold or its byproducts. Green Home Solutions provides complete mold odor remediation by eliminating the cause.


Pet Odor Removal

Whether you’re struggling with a rodent infestation, or you have several pets, your nose quickly gets acclimated to the smells. But just because you get used to a smell doesn’t mean that guests won’t notice! Our pet odor removal services will get rid of smells caused by animals in your home—both invited and uninvited.

Smoke Odor Removal

Fire smoke or cigarette smoke can be among some of the most stubborn smells in a home or business. If you’re looking for an alternative to chemical treatments for smoke odor removal, look no further than Green Home Solutions.

Learn More About our Odor Treatment Service

Eliminate odors in your home or business today with our odor removal services. Call 1-800-SOLUTIONS or complete the request form to talk to an expert and to schedule an appointment.