Probiotic Air Purification Systems

Improve your indoor air quality so you can breathe easier and feel more comfortable. Green Home Solutions implements a chemical-free air purifying system in your home or business using beneficial probiotics. Turn to our air quality professionals to install a probiotic air purification system in your home or business.

Simply put, we make air better!

Achieve The Highest Indoor Air Quality Standards

Green Home Solutions uses an innovative probiotic air purification system that makes air better. This system introduces a carefully cultured strain of probiotics into your living space, workspace, or duct system. These probiotics are intermittently released into the air and form a protective barrier on hard surfaces that shields against organic irritants that include:

  • Pollen
  • Dust mite matter
  • Pet dander
  • Foul odors

The Benefit of State-of-the-Art Probiotic Air Purification Systems

Not all air purification systems are created equal. While traditional air filters are better than nothing, the future of cleaner air is here in the form of probiotic air purification systems.

A Woman Sits at a Desk with an Open Laptop and Leans Back with Her Eyes Closed and Arms Behind Her Head Taking a Deep Breath

This type of air purification system uses environmental probiotics—beneficial bacteria that create a natural line of defense against organic indoor contaminants. In the same way that taking probiotics as supplements helps the human body, they are also excellent as environmental cleaners.

When released through patented probiotic air purification systems, probiotics are a chemical-free way to eliminate harmful triggers that cause allergies and other health concerns such as sick building syndrome.

Cleaner Indoor Air and a Healthier Home

At Green Home Solutions we provide air quality testing to determine if you can benefit from additional services such as odor treatment, mold testing and removal, and air purification.

Preventing the Dangers of Sick Building Syndrome

You step into your office and suddenly you start to feel an irritation in your throat, fatigue, a headache, or even itchy skin. These symptoms persist throughout the day. Quality of work suffers, productivity suffers, but more significantly, you suffer. As soon as you leave you feel better. Some might say they are allergic to work, but it’s really the building, more specifically the air quality, which causes these discomforts.

Sick building syndrome is real. This manifests when the air quality in your home or business affects your health and that of the other occupants.

Allow Green Home Solutions to conduct indoor air quality testing to reveal whether the air inside your building is compromised. From there, we determine the next steps and suggest solutions such as the installation of a probiotic purification system.

Probiotic air purification systems offer an effective remedy by intermittently releasing probiotics into the air that consume irritants such as pollen and dust mites. The probiotics rapidly multiply in your space, increasing the ratio of good to bad bacteria and creating what we call a healthy microbiome. Not only does this system make your indoor air healthier, but it also works to reduce and prevent foul odors.

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Learn About Our Probiotic Air Purification Systems

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