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Great Work!

I am so grateful to Ron for getting rid of mold issues in the basement. He listened carefully to my health concerns and adapted the clean up to accommodate me. No more mold! I feel better already. Thank you very much for your professionalism and your skills in the work you did in my home.

Mold remodelation

This is overdue. About a year ago, Jose Ramirez came to do mold remediation to my place and he did a stellar job! He was very knowledgeable and professional with the work. He provided an excellent service and he was very courteous. Highly recommended

Mold removal

We had greenhome solutions come to remove Mold in the attic. Peter and Job did a great job they came in worked all day till it was completed. The work was very clean and very neat. Did everything expected and did a great job thanks for the hard work.

Fast dependable setvice

My experience with Ron Sager was excellent my home was for sale , the buyersq inspector found that my bathroom exhaust fan was not vented outside but vented into the attic and the attic was not properly venting from the ridge vent because the baffles at the soffit were never install mr Sager found a contractor to properly vent the attic and to install a roof vent to vent the bathroom exhaust fan to the outside .... mr Sager then removed the mold saving the sale of my home by getting the job done within 3 days of hiring him for the job . I found mr Sager ....Ron , to be very professional and efficient as well as doing a great job for me.... THANK YOU !!!!!!


Jason visited our home on the morning of May 23rd to inspect a potential mold issue in our attic. He was very professional and knowledgeable in his explanation for what we did and did not need to do to remediate our issue. Very honest business!!! We would highly recommend Green Home Solutions!

Outstanding service and work!

We’re moving into our families summer home to live year-round. We interviewed a few companies including one that had us questioning if we should move into the house. Then we met Tanner. He is awesome, amazing, informative- I could keep going on. He broke down what mold is and how it spreads in easy terms. His team did an AMAZING job!! Hands down- if you are on the fence of which company you should go with, Tanner and his crew are awesome! They went above and beyond. I get the feeling that’s just how they are. Thank you so much!!!!!

Very Trustworthy

I called Green Home Solutions to get an estimate for possible mold in my attic that a home inspector has written up. Erik arrived and was extremely nice, competent and neat. He went up in my attic to see the extent of mold there was . When he finished he reported that there was some discoloration in the wood but that it was not mold. I was amazed at this finding as a competitor had said there was a small amount of mold and would take a couple of hours to remediate the problem. I trust Erik because he could have come up with something different just to get business. I would highly recommend Green Homes Solutions of Chicago

Loved the whole experience

The whole event went really well, because of Ron. My realtor recommended this service and they made it so easy-from scheduling to performance. Glad I used them.

Pushy people

After I specifically told a gentleman after he called me back that I will contact him to have mold checked at my patents house he was rude and actually took it upon himself to go to my parents and push on them to get this done. Very impatient Money hungry buisness if you ask me. Very unprofessional to do something like that. So no they will not be getting my business I will now go elsewhere.

Amazing service!

From calling on a weekend to speak to me about my mold issue, to followup and and treatment, this company is top notch! They do an amazing job and are a joy to work with!