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Air duct cleaning

Excellent job!! Dylan and Ryan were very thorough and very professional to work with! I highly recommend their services and would use them again.

Very Thorough

Green Home did a complete attic remediation for me - all surfaces. Their workers were quite professional. It took nearly six hours. They also used a chemical solution to bleach affected gable walls and these came out like new wood! They did a good job of cleaning up and were very careful not to damage anything. The price was reasonable. The work was done when scheduled. I have no complaints whatsoever! All good

Honesty is the best way to sell!!!

I had Jose come to my place today to evaluate whether I have a mold problem or not due to a recent flood accident. Jose was very knowledgeable and thorough. He quickly assessed the situation but instead of trying to sell me business whether I needed it or not, he gave me several options on the best path forward and discussed them openly with me. This is the best type of salesman I look for. Someone I can trust and someone who is honest.

Basement mold gone !!

I had basement mold in my house. Milo and his crew came in and took care of it. Great company !! Very prompt and very polite and very professional!! You won't find a better company to take care of your mold problems !!!

Green Home Solutions

Hi Sara, Thanks for your review! I'm glad you had a great experience with Milo and his team. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions at 1.800.SOLUTIONS.

Mold problem sorted out.

I recently suspected potential mold caused by a water leak in the upper level of our house, and called in the help of "Green Home Solutions." After a thorough test they discovered the mold was located in the basement and not the upper level as suspected. Further investigation showed the bathroom fan and dryer hose from the utility room were hooked up to the same duct, mixing hot "steamy air" from the bathroom with dry lint from the dryer hose, which over time lead to a serious mold situation. Once they had this figured out the problem was sorted out quickly and their follow up test a few days later indicated the mold was something of the past and our lives back to normal! A special thanks to Chris Himmel of Green Home Solutions who handled my call. Chris was friendly and well informed and approached the problem in a professional way. Great was my surprise one evening when Chris stopped by my house around 7:30pm to check on a minor problem, while actually on his way to another service call about an hour away! Good job guys, you just proved that great service still exists!

Green Home Solutions

Hi Izak, Thank you for your detailed review! When it comes to mold it's really important to locate to source to insure it stays away for good. I'm thrilled to hear your experience with Chris reflected our company values. We like to insure our customers know as much about what's going on in their...

Great job and very honest

Would definitely recommend Green Home Solutions to anyone with a mold problem. Howard came to our place of residence and was very honest with us, gave us a free inspection, and, rather than encourage us to contract Green Home Solutions to treat the mold, told us our problem wasn't serious and gave us DIY ways to prevent further mold growth by ourselves. Very honest company, can't thank them enough. One of the people I live with is asthmatic, so Howard definitely allowed us to put our minds at rest.

Green Home Solutions

Hi Brittney, Thanks for taking the time to give us a review! I'm thrilled to hear you had such a great experience. At Green Home Solutions we pride ourselves on insuring an open and educational experience for every customer we meet. I'm glad Howard was able to put your mind at ease. If you have...


We had the misfortune of having a water leak in our upstairs laundry room. We called Green Home Solutions to confirm the restoration company removed and treated all the effected areas. We are happy we did, because they had not. James and Tim were extremely helpful and went out of their way to help us. We are very happy and highly recommend their services!

Green Home Solutions

Hi Misti, Thank you for your review and recommendation! We're sorry to hear about the water leak. I'm glad Tim and James were able to come in and fix the issue. Feel free to check out our Facebook page to learn more about how to prevent mold from grow...

Mold Be Gone

I want to thank Frank Pogticny for his prompt and precise treatment of my home . I had been having a mold problem for nearly 3 years. The ppl I bought my home from had no clue how to treat it. He came right in, assessed the problem and went right to work. Thank you so much Mr Pogticny. I really appreciate you and your work ethics so much.😀

Green Home Solutions

Hi Kewanee, Thanks for your awesome review! Frank is very knowledgable in the mold remediation world, we love working with him! Unfortunately more often than not mold contamination is mishandled and treated with chemicals such as bleach, which promotes more growth due to the water content in it....

True to his word!

When we found mold in our home shortly after the birth of our youngest daughter, I knew I owed it to my family to solve the problem. I'm fortunate to have found Green Home Solutions. Blake was everything I could have asked for in a remediation specialist: Knowledgeable, Professional, and Caring. He promised he wouldn't leave until my home was safe for out family. He was true to his word. Should you face the misfortune of having mold in your house, I highly recommend Green Home Solutions.

Green Home Solutions

Hi Matthew, Congratulations on your baby girl and thanks for the awesome review! I'm glad you had a great experience working with Blake. He's super knowledgeable and skilled in this industry. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-SOLUTIONS.

We highly recommend Mike of Green Home Solutions of Cleveland!

We found mold in an upstairs bedroom closet that we don't use very often. We found Mike from Green Home Solutions of Cleveland on the web. What drew me to his site were the 4.9 out of 5 stars and the excellent reviews. Mike had an inexpensive fix for us but did not have it with him. He delivered it to our home within a couple of hours. It was so unexpected to receive such incredible customer service! We will not hesitate to call Mike again!

Green Home Solutions

Hi Lee, Thanks so much for the great review! At Green Home Solutions we take pride in our fast, affordable, and safe. Very glad we could help! If you have any more questions please feel free to contact us at 1-800-SOLUTIONS.