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No Mold, No Odor... Naturally

Safe, Affordable, Fast, and Effective - EPA Registered Product, Cost Less than Competitors, Complete in 2-5 Days, and Guaranteed to Kill Mold.

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Mold Solutions

Mold Solutions ... Naturally

We offer a safe, affordable, fast, and effective solution to solve mold problems. Our EPA product is plant based and kills mold and its suspected harmful effects.

Commercial Residential
Odor Solutions

Odor Solutions ... Naturally

At Green Home Solutions, our Odor Control Service uses products that eliminate odors at their source and are not air fresheners of masking agents.

Commercial Residential
Mold Pre-Testing

Mold Pre-Testing

We care about the air you breathe! We will conduct a visual mold investigation and offer air quality testing to determine the extent of the mold problem.

Commercial Residential

Why GHS Is A Better Choice


When used as directed, our EPA registered product is safe, for people, pets and the environment


What differentiates GHS from conventional remediators is the ability to preserve more building materials, thus making us less costly.


Since GHS can preserve more building materials, we can quickly complete the mold remediation process in as little as 24 hours.


Our EPA registered product kills mold, and breaks down the allergenic protein components of the spore.

About Green Home Solutions

At Green Home Solutions®, we're always developing and researching Green Products that are effective, natural and safe. GHS services use products that are made primarily from ingredients which are generally regarded as safe or are EPA-registered. 

We provide an effective solution for your home or office, our employees and the environment that we all share. This is why so many people trust Green Home Solutions to treat mold, odors, pet dander and airborne impurities

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Our Process

Mold Assessment


Visual Mold Assessment & Optional Air Quality Test

What We'll Do


Mold Remediation following IICRC Standards

Post-Testing is Completed


Optional Post-Test to confirm Mold is Gone!

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Our Certifications

Mold Inspector
Moisture Inspector
ACAC - American Council for Accredited Certificaiton


*Certifications may vary by location.