Mold Removal in Brandon: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Mold Removal Services

Mold can become a costly and expensive issue, and that’s especially true when you attempt mold removal on your own. For homes in Brandon, improper DIY treatment methods can actually cause mold issues to worsen. It’s why Green Home Solutions always recommends comprehensive testing and professional remediation. 

Mold is tenacious and fast-growing, making it tough to eliminate on your own. Even worse, using the wrong methods can actually help mold thrive. Let’s review four common mold treatment mistakes. 

Four Common Mistakes When Treating Mold On Your Own

When you’re a homeowner, you may feel like you have to tackle everything on your own. But when it comes to mold issues, expert intervention can save you from significant headaches, cost, and time spent combating mold.

Here’s four DIY treatment mistakes you’ll want to avoid: 

  • Covering mold with paint. Many people reach for mold-resistant paints, mistakenly believing they are an effective treatment method. Unfortunately, these paints aren’t meant to combat active mold. While mold may no longer be visible, it can still grow, spread, and cause damage even underneath a layer of paint. 
  • Treating mold with bleach. Sometimes, homeowners think bleach or ammonia can handle mold. It’s important to note that these products can’t effectively penetrate non-porous surfaces like wood or drywall, making them the wrong choice for many areas of indoor mold growth. 
  • Ignoring small areas of mold. If there’s only a patch of mold in your basement or in the corner of your bathroom, you may think it’s not worth worrying about. But visible surface mold isn’t the only instance of mold. Mold will often grow below the surface or become airborne, making it important to test for growth if you’re concerned. 
  • Leaving moisture unaddressed. Mold removal is just one part of the overall treatment process. For homes in Brandon, it’s important to take steps for mold prevention first. Finding and treating moisture sources is crucial to preventing mold from returning in the future. Without this step, mold will continue to crop up. 

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