Mold Removal in Duluth: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Mold Removal Services

When you’re dealing with mold, you want it gone right away. It’s tempting to head to the hardware store and load up on mold removal products. But for homeowners in Duluth, it’s always worthwhile to learn more about how mold grows and spreads, so you can better understand what’s needed for treatment. 

At Green Home Solutions, we offer comprehensive mold remediation for commercial and residential buildings throughout the area. Our high-impact treatments can be completed in a matter of days. More than that, our representatives are mold experts. We know how important it is to treat mold thoroughly and at the source.

Let’s take a look at a few common mold treatment mistakes. 

Four Common Mistakes When Treating Mold On Your Own

Mold only needs the bare minimum to take root: it needs moisture, organic food matter, and air. Once it’s started growing in an indoor environment, getting rid of it can be incredibly difficult without professional intervention. 

DIY methods can often make things worse. Here’s four mistakes to watch out for: 

  • Neglecting basement mold. It’s easy to ignore indoor mold when it’s not growing in active living areas. Basement mold and attic mold are two frequently ignored problems for homes in Duluth. In reality, mold in these areas can present a risk for subsurface and foundation damage, among other concerns. 
  • Painting over any active mold. Many people mistakenly believe mold-resistant paint products can address the problem. In fact, that’s not how most mold-resistant paints are intended to be used. Any active mold must be dealt with first, ideally using professional-grade products and cleaning methods. 
  • Overlooking cross-contamination methods. When you’re trying to handle mold removal on your own, the risk of cross-contamination is high. Scrubbing affected areas can agitate mold spores, allowing them to disperse through the home. You always want experts who can contain mold and prevent further spread.
  • Only addressing visible mold growth. Mold isn’t always visible to the human eye. Whether there’s mold growing below surface materials in your home or mold in the air, it’s easy to focus on visible mold growth while other areas of mold flourish. You always want proper mold testing, so the scope of mold can be mapped out.  

Schedule Expert Mold Removal in Duluth

At Green Home Solutions, we can administer mold removal right away. Our affordable, rapid-response testing and treatment services are available in: 

  • Duluth
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  • And the surrounding areas

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