Mold Removal in East Longmeadow: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

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A lot of homeowners try tackling mold problems on their own, only to find mold keeps returning again and again. But mold shouldn’t be a cyclical problem. That’s why professional mold removal can be so crucial, ensuring you get long-term relief from mold and mold-related issues. For homeowners in East Longmeadow, professional service can help to reduce the cost, stress, and headaches associated with indoor mold. 

What can go wrong with DIY treatments? Let’s take a look. 

Four Common Mistakes When Treating Mold On Your Own

At Green Home Solutions, we always recommend professional treatment when you’re dealing with serious or ongoing mold. That’s because DIY treatments can be fraught with mistakes, and can even exacerbate mold problems further. Here’s a few common mistakes: 

  • Targeting visible growth. Many homeowners believe that as soon as they see mold, they’ll clean it up right away. The problem is, not all mold is visible or even accessible. Mold spores are microscopic, making it difficult to spot any active mold growth until it’s actively thriving in mold colonies. Mold below the surface can escape notice easily, too. 
  • Relying on the wrong products. A lot of products will only provide short-term relief—and are only meant to do so in the first place. For homes in East Longmeadow, treating mold requires a multi-pronged approach. That means not just using the right mold removal products, but the right equipment and the right cleanup methods, too. 
  • Contributing to mold spread. Mold is a hardy survivor, making it difficult to clean up without professional intervention. For DIY treatments, it’s far too easy to actively help mold spread further, even if you don’t realize it. When disrupted during the cleanup stages, mold spores can break off and look for other areas of the home to grow, too. 
  • Only worrying about black mold. A lot of people only start worrying when they see black mold. But black mold isn’t the only type of mold to worry about. Just as important to know: there are many species of black mold, some much more harmful than others. Professional testing can always help you determine the severity of the problem right away.

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