Mold Removal in North Attleboro: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Provider of Mold Removal in North Attleboro: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

When there’s mold in your home, you want to get rid of it as soon as possible. For many homeowners, that means trying to fix the problem using products like bleach. But when homeowners try to remove mold on their own, they rarely succeed. Instead of attempting a DIY mold treatment, you should be contacting a trusted mold removal company in North Attleboro, like Green Home Solutions.

Four Common DIY Mold Treatment Mistakes

No matter how thorough you are or what kinds of products you use, getting rid of mold is difficult. When you’re dealing with mold on porous materials—like wood or drywall—it’s nearly impossible.

Despite this, many homeowners in North Attleboro take a DIY approach to mold removal. In doing so, they often make mistakes like the four listed below.

  • Treating mold as a surface problem. When you find mold, you’re only seeing part of the problem. When mold grows on porous materials like wood, it also grows inside the materials. You can get rid of the surface mold, but if the subsurface mold stays, it will keep spreading.
  • Using ineffective products like bleach. Household products struggle against mold for a simple reason: they can’t reach subsurface mold colonies. If you apply bleach to a moldy surface, the bleach will kill the surface mold, but it will leave all the subsurface colonies intact.
  • Allowing mold to spread via spores. When you disturb moldy materials, you can end up spreading mold spores. If the spores aren’t contained, you could create an airborne health hazard for you and your family, and you can help mold take root in new parts of your home.
  • Ignoring the root cause of mold. Mold starts with moisture. If you get rid of mold without fixing the moisture problem, conditions will be perfect for new mold. That’s why we always recommend fixing moisture issues before treating mold.

Our Mold Removal Services in North Attleboro

Rather than taking a DIY approach, homeowners in North Attleboro can removal mold easily with help from Green Home Solutions.

Our treatments use an EPA-registered product that fights mold with plant-based enzymes. Unlike bleach and other household products, our treatments can penetrate porous materials and neutralize subsurface mold.

During treatments, we use special containment measures and HEPA air filters to stop mold spores from spreading. And thanks to UV technology, we can help pinpoint moisture problems causing mold—even when these problems are located in hidden parts of your home.

Green Home Solutions offers mold removal services in:

  • North Attleboro
  • Fall River
  • Taunton
  • Attleboro
  • Middleborough
  • Seekonk
  • New Bedford
  • And the surrounding areas

Call Green Home Solutions today at (508) 779-5501 for mold removal services in North Attleboro!