No one wants to have unpleasant odors in their home or business, and smoke smells are one of the worst types to deal with. Green Home Solutions provides smoke odor removal services to eradicate these smells, but it is also wise to take steps to prevent smoke odors from happening in the first place.

A No Smoking Symbol Overlayed on an Image of a Hazy Bedroom

Preventing Smoke Odors in Your Property

While there are methods for removing smoke odors from a home or business, the best way to keep smoke smells away is to prevent them. Some of these preventative strategies include:

1. Implementing a no smoking policy: One of the best ways to prevent smoke odors from cigarettes or other substances is to implement a strict no smoking policy.

2. Improve ventilation: Good airflow helps remove smoke particles and odors from indoor spaces. One way to do this is by installing exhaust fans in kitchens, bathrooms, and other areas prone to smoke accumulation. Make sure you are also regularly cleaning and maintaining ventilation systems to optimize their performance.

3. Use air purifiers: Install high-quality air purifiers equipped with activated carbon filters. These filters will trap and neutralize smoke particles and odors. Place the air purifiers strategically throughout your property, especially in areas where smoke may occur.

4. Regularly clean and deodorize: Routinely clean all surfaces, including walls, floors, furniture, and curtains, to remove smoke residue. Use appropriate cleaning agents that help eliminate odors.

5. Seal cracks and gaps: Inspect your property for any cracks, gaps, or openings that may allow smoke to enter from neighboring areas. Seal these openings to prevent smoke infiltration.

6. Employ odor-absorbing materials: Place odor-absorbing materials, such as activated charcoal, baking soda, or coffee grounds, in strategic locations throughout the property. These materials can help absorb and neutralize lingering smoke odors.

7. Maintain your HVAC systems: Maintain and clean your HVAC systems regularly. Smoke particles can accumulate in these systems and spread odors throughout your property. Change filters as recommended and consider professional HVAC cleaning to eliminate any residual smoke odor.

Removing Smoke Odors from Your Property

Even with preventative measures in place, odors from smoking, cooking, or even a fire can still occur. When this happens, Green Home Solutions is here to remove those odors. We use a fine spray solution that is free from harmful chemicals, perfumes, or masking agents. Our smoke odor removal process is plant based, effective, powerful, affordable, and fast!

If you have lingering smoke odors in your home or business, or odors from mold or pets, call Green Home Solutions today. We will quickly remedy your odor issue so that you can go back to breathing fresh, clean air free of bad smells!