Mold Removal in West Jordan: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

Does the idea of mold cause you anxiety? If you have any experience trying to deal with mold growth inside your home or business, you understand how frustrating and difficult these issues can be. With our expert mold removal in West Jordan, Green Home Solutions provides effective service to help local property owners. We can target your mold issues with a fast-acting, affordable and highly effective service using EPA-approved products. 

In addition to our professional mold removal, we also make it our mission to educate our clients about mold, in order to debunk misinformation and help property owners avoid costly mistakes. Here are our answers to our most commonly received mold questions. 

Four Common Mistakes When Treating Mold On Your Own

Two professionals for Mold Removal in West Jordan: Four Common Treatment Mistakes

As a property owner, you are likely used to tackling problems on your own. However, when it comes to mold, calling in our professionals is always the best idea. Here are some crucial mistakes when it comes to mold clean-up:

  1. Using bleach to get rid of mold. Bleach is not a great option for mold-removal, as it will not work on non-textured surfaces. It also contributes to poor air quality. We get rid of mold using safe products that are EPA-approved. 
  2. Poor cleaning methods. A huge advantage of our professional service, is our use of negative air machines to avoid cross-contamination. Without such equipment, your DIY attempts are likely to send mold particles into the air, making the situation worse. 
  3. Focusing solely on visible mold. If you limit your attention to the mold you can see or smell, you will ignore a huge part of the problem. We use special equipment to target all the mold in your home, as well as the underlying moisture source that allowed it to grow. 
  4. Ignoring mold sources. When it comes to mold removal, it’s important not to ignore the root cause. Mold grows with the right amount of moisture, so you need to find the moisture intrusion responsible for your mold growth. Many DIY attempts just scrub away at the mold they can see, which doesn’t do much to limit the actual problem. 

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We offer quick, detailed and affordable service that will solve your mold issues using family-friendly products certified by the EPA. 

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