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Green Home Solutions

Dustin was a pleasure to interact with. He provided us with excellent advice and was honest and straightforward about our needs and his recommendations.

Green Home Solutions

Hey Valerie, Thanks for reviewing our services! I really appreciate people who offer honest, straightforward advice when it comes to my needs and their recommendations. Therefore, I'm glad Dustin was such a pleasure to interact with, but I'm sure he had an easy time talking with someone as lovely...


My family just moved into our new home. We have two little ones and within the first few weeks I noticed black spots on the ceiling of our bathroom. (I have no idea HOW our inspector missed this.) I called GHS ad they were here within 2 hours! The gentleman who did the work was super fast, thorough, and kind. He told me if I have any troubles to give them a call again. No problems here :) Thank you!

Green Home Solutions

Hey Kerryn, Thanks for taking the time to review Green Home Solutions! I can't imagine moving into a new home and immediately finding a mold on the ceiling of a room that would only further progress the growth of more mold. What a terrible time that must have been for you-- especially with two chi...


Called on Wednesday, my home treated by Friday same week Chris answered every ones questions, addressed any issues or concerns and even left an emergency can or two to take care of our cars and outside exposure. Would not hesitate to recommend.

Green Home Solutions

Hi Teresa, Thanks for reviewing our work at Green Home Solutions! Chris got back to you in two days? And he treated your home, addressed your issues and concerns, and left you emergency cans for any extra mold clean-up you may need to treat? Wow, Chris sounds awesome! I'm sure he had an easy time...

Truth Be Told

I usually am very weary when it comes to matters I have no experience in. Mold being one of them. I've heard of businesses "getting over" on clients. However, Green Home Solutions were very helpful and informative. Howard came over and wasn't there just to make that dollar. He was honest and let me know that I didn't have a problem at all. He suggested a few options for the rainy season and gave me the ok! He was very nice and thorough. I would definitely recommend them to anyone! 5 STARS!

Green Home Solutions

Hey Lolla, Thanks for taking the time to write a review! I understand what it feels like to be weary when it comes to things you don't have experience in, and mold's a tricky one for sure! I'm glad that Howard was able to give you such helpful and informative suggestions about the mysteries of mol...

Smoke remediation

Excellent job! Courteous, respectful, thorough and left no mess!

Green Home Solutions

Hi Sherry, Thanks for reviewing our work! I'm so happy to read that such a courteous, respectful, thorough job was done on your home, though I'm sure it wasn't hard to do so when working with someone as excellent as you! We hope your home stays nice and clean, but if ever you or anyone needs help...

Great Company. Awesome Work.

Ryan came to a house we were considering buying. He took us though all the spots that needed to be treated. Worked with us on our costs, and got the mold out of the house. Thank you so much for your help.

Green Home Solutions

Hi Paul, Thanks for reviewing our services. Ryan sounds like he was a lot of help! I'm glad that he was able to treat the mold in your future home, and affordably at that! You're more than welcome. We appreciate you using our services, and hope that if you need any help in the future, you'll work...

Mold Remediation

Jeremy did an excellent job explaining what needed to be done to take care of the mold issue. He was very professional and was right on the dot with his estimated time to complete the job. I would recommend Jeremy and Green Home Solutions to resolve any mold issues that you may have!

Green Home Solutions

Hey Jon! Thanks for taking the time to write a review. Jeremy sounds like he was really helpful in your remediation process, which is fantastic to hear! We at Green Home Solutions strive to offer professional, timely, and cost-efficient services to all, and it's great that Jeremy did exactly that....

Great experience with mold remediation

Green Home Solutions treated us very well! We needed to have testing and mold remediation in our home and they took care of everything at a reasonable price. We felt good about their safe plant-based products. They also provided excellent customer service and flexibility with scheduling.

Green Home Solutions

Hi Marye, Thanks for reviewing our work! Happy to hear that Green Home Solutions treated you so well. Mold is such a hassle, but I'm glad it wasn't too terrible to deal with with our quick, affordable, eco-friendly services. If you or anyone you know ever needs assistance with mold remediation in...

Stains on the drywall

I would like to says thanks to Erik Sager and Dave for their prompt service and sense of urgency. I'm in the proces of the selling my home and the buyers home inspector noted some stains on the drywall in a storage room under my stairway in my basement. I reached out via email to Green home solutions at 8:30pm on a weekend not knowing what to expect. I was surprised the I got a direct response from Erick the same night. After few emails we were able to schedule an appointment to have one of his technician comein and inspect the stains on the drywall. Couple of days later Dave " green home technician" came in on time very courteous and polit. He treated the area and recommended a permanent solution. Dave did not try to push or sell us anything that we don't need he treated the area and recommended few DIY Solutions. Their price was reasonable and I would refere them to family and friends. The only thing that I'm sorry about is not knowing Daves last name. Sorry Dave :(

Green Home Solutions

Hey Ali, Thanks for taking the time to review our services! Erik and Dave sound like they did an amazing job! I'm more than happy to hear how urgent, courteous, and reasonably respectful Dave was especially, in your the process of you selling your home. I love that he responded to you so quickly,...


Thank goodness for Ron and his team at Green Home Solutions! We had mold in our attic and it was remediated but the house still had residual mold in the air. Green Home Solutions came out and took care of it. They also educated me in general regarding what steps to take to keep my house safe in the future. One last thing but most important.....Ron and his team are very kind and very professional and I highly recommend them and his company to anyone!!!

Green Home Solutions

Hi Suzanne, Thanks for taking the time to review our services! Wow, Ron and his team sound great! I'm very happy to hear that his team was kind, professional, and quick in cleaning up the residual mold from your original remediation. And he suggested tips to keep your house safe in the future? Ron...